Bring macOS “Quick Look” feature to Windows


One of the few features I missed from Mac OS X is Quick Look. It allows the user to peek into a file content in lightning speed by just pressing the Space key. Windows, on the other hand, does not has this handy feature … until now.

I am aware that several alternatives are already available on the Internet (e.g. WinQuickLook and Seer). Despite these options, I still decide to craft another one by myself, because they are either not being actively developed, lacks variety, or asks for an amount of $$$.


  • Tons of supported file types (full list here)
  • Fluent design (new in version 0.3)
  • Touchscreen friendly
  • HiDPI support
  • Preview from Open and Save File Dialog
  • Preview from 3rd-party file managers (see a list here)
  • Easy extended by plugins
  • Strict GPL license to keep it free forever


Download / General usage

What are the differences between .msi, .zip, nightly and Store versions?

  1. Download from one of the following

    • Microsoft Store (for Windows 10 users)
    • Installer or the portable archive of the stable version from Github Release
    • Nightly builds from AppVeyor
  2. Run QuickLook.exe
  3. Select a file/folder on the Desktop / in a File Explorer window / in an Open- or Save-File dialogue
  4. Press the Spacebar
  5. Select another file/folder in the same manner
  6. When you’re done, click on the button, or press Spacebar again

Hotkeys and buttons

  • Spacebar: Show/Hide the preview window
  • Esc: Hide the preview window
  • Enter: Open/Execute the current file
  • Mouse️, ↑, ↓, ←, →: Preview another file
  • Ctrl-Wheel: Zoom in/out images
  • Wheel: Increase/decrease volume

Supported file types, file manager intergation, etc.

See the Wiki page


See the Translation guide

Thanks to

  • Many open-source projects and their contributors
  • Our UI designers @OiCkilL (“Fluent” user interface since v0.3) and @QubitsDev (application icon since v0.3)
  • Our contributers who

    • teach QuickLook speaks your language
    • send pull requests, report bugs or give suggestions
  • … and you 😊



This project references many other open-source projects. See here for the full list.

All source codes are licensed under GPL-3.0.

If you want to make any modification on these source codes while keeping new codes not protected by GPL-3.0, please contact me for a sublicense instead.

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  1. HW HW

    Good tool

    1. 哈哈哈 哈哈哈


  2. CPC CPC

    Hello, I recently migrated back to windows from macOS, and I really missed the quicklook capability and your app really does the job, maybe even better..

    The thing is, I'm getting screen flickering whenever I use quicklook.

    My screen flickers as soon as I preview a photo or a video, and when I quit quicklook it disappears.

    I'm on 4K resolution through a display port. Could that be the reason why it flickers?

    Anyways, thank you and have a nice day.

    1. xupaddy xupaddy

      Seems like a DP cable deficit. Can you try another monitor, like a TV with HDMI connection? If no, try to adjust the screen resolution to 1080P and see if it still flickers.

  3. Lumberzach Lumberzach

    This is much more stable then SEER. Can you include alpha previews in Quicktime files? I often spacebar preview to confirm my files were rendered with an alpha channel, but I find myself wasting time dropping it back in the program I rendered from, to double check...

  4. Henry Henry

    It would be great to

    1. include file checksum like md5 and SHA1 etc in the preview - handy for comparing files
    2. be able to copy info from the preview
  5. chuck chuck

    I just had the most recent windows 10 update (18362.476) and quicklook is no longer working. Pressing space bar does nothing. I tried to reset and repair and neither had any effect. I love this app and I hope a fix is coming soon!

  6. Renjith Renjith

    I've installed the 'Clover' multi-tab in my Windows 7. Quicklook is not working any of my folders. But on the desktop, it is working fine.

  7. Dmitry Dmitry

    Great program, thank you so much!

  8. Sam Sam

    I would like a way to set the default preview size or to choose between preset sizes. On my monitor the preview is very small and I need to expand it each time to see the item clearly.

  9. initial.r initial.r

    Thank you and your team for bringing to us a great free tool!

  10. Ricardo Ricardo

    It would be extremely useful if we could use QuickLook inside voidtools' Everything (https://www.voidtools.com) That would be an even closer experience to MacOS

    Thank you for QL!

  11. skuide skuide

    very impressive tool thanks

  12. JS JS

    I love the transparency grid on still images with alpha, would love to see the same for video files with alpha. This thing is rock solid otherwise! Maybe add looping to videos?

  13. Jerry Jerry

    One of the most missed feature of Mac OS is the space peeking, thank you kindly bring this back to Windows!!!!

  14. 李小帅 李小帅


  15. 李小帅 李小帅


  16. amneris amneris

    Este programa es una soberana estupidez, para previsualizar algo tengo que pulsar la barra espaciadora, que lo que hace es literalmente abrirme el archivo (doc,pdf, o lo que sea) en una ventana aparte (un programa) y tarda lo mismo que si lo abriese con la aplicacion original, completamente innecesario y absurdo)

    lo ideal sería tener la previsualización de todos los documentos como miniaturas, sin tener que abrirlos de ninguna forma, como ocurre con los bitmaps etc, o con los pdfs cuando instalas esa opcion con algun programa.

    para eso mejor usar drag and drop con total commander a aplicaciones alternativas livianas o usando la previsualizacion que trae que es infinitamente mas rapida, o con programas similares como directory opus.

    1. anonimo anonimo

      Me apenas hombre, eres el único comentario en español y el único que esta tirando caca al desarrollador y a su trabajo. Si te parece absurdo o innecesario, no lo uses, si tu crees que hay una mejor manera, hazla pero no vengas a decir que es estúpido por que te falta capacidad de comprensión y empatía.

  17. G G

    Hello! Even though it says QuickLook is installed and working, it is no longer giving me image previews. This happened suddenly. Is there an update or something I can do to make it work?

  18. Han Han

    Hello, I've just installed QuickLook (msi) on my PC (win10 pro system) and have really loved it.

    I have one problem though: QuickLook doesn't work in Everything (ver. 1.4.814b.x64).
    I know the two are supposed to be compatible, but selecting a file in Everything and pressing spacebar does nothing.

    I would greatly appreciate any suggestion on how to make QuickLook work with Everything.

    And thank you again for such a wonderful app. Have a nice day.

    1. Jay Jay

      It works in Everything!

      1. Han Han

        Never mind. I figured out.
        Once I un-check the "Run as administrator" box and check the "Everything service" in options of Everything, I can press spacebar to preview in Everything.

  19. Alfredo Alfredo

    hey its a nice software , i use it everyday , but i have one major problem that i didn't have on MacOS , in mac finder i can use arrow keys to preview my musics in a folder during playback in quicklook , bt i windows i have to click on explorer window again to back focus on folder in order to do that , because arrow keys don't work otherwise , is there any solution for this ? it will be very helpful and intuitive

  20. rocky rocky


  21. Sti Sti

    One of the best productivity tools, thanks!
    Seems it does not preview .pptm file correctly, any fix or plugin for this format?
    .pptm is .pptx with macro, which is a very common file type.

  22. Robson Ciconelli Robson Ciconelli

    Let's have a try and thank you "so much" for share.

  23. How do I integrate my project with Quicklook? How do I integrate my project with Quicklook?

    Here is my FileMananger project:


    I'm a developer.

  24. Virtualdal Virtualdal

    Great program, really useful.
    Couple of suggestions:

    1. Extension to view OpenDocument formats (.odt, .ods, .odp);
    2. Extension for .eml;
    3. Enable Quicklook from Windows Explorer search results.
  25. joão joão

    I tried to download in may ways and couldnt get quick look. Is it available?

  26. 您好 您好


  27. Donald Donald

    It currently sees open .exr HDR (high dynamic range) files not as images, but as code. It would be great if it worked correctly with that files format, as I use it all the time in my work!

  28. 111 111

    Hello, I am a win10 user, I like the function of quicklook, but I don’t like its interface very much, it is black, I hope it can be adjusted to white

  29. jouk jouk

    where 2 download

  30. y00 y00

    Fences3 can create partitions on the desktop. After the files in the ordinary desktop partition are selected, press space to preview, but when the non-desktop folders are displayed on the desktop as partitions, the files in the partition cannot be previewed with spaces.

  31. y00 y00


  32. K K

    Thanks so much! This tool has proven useful in ways outside of previewing files.

    I was just doing a CTF today and there was a flac file I needed to listen to.
    The flac file has its metadata corrupted a bit, and a length shorter than it really is.

    Naturally I opened it with quicklook to preview it, and surprisingly, quicklook just started played it like it's nothing. And it even played til the very end of the audio. Other audio players either refuse to load it, because it's corrupted, or they stop after the length indicated by the metadata.

    Saved me 10 minutes of researching flac files!



  34. Jordi Jordi

    Great Productivity tool. I use it all the time.
    Would be possible to add support for EXR image files? That would make it even better.
    Thank you!

  35. Konstantin Konstantin

    Hi, great app, could you add another hotkeys for forward/backward video or audio. Alt-Wheel: Forward/backward of video/audio.
    Would be great

  36. Authenticity Authenticity

    Hello,when I view pictures in HEIC,the color can't be correctly presented,is there any plugins can fix the problem? Thank you.



  38. diver864 diver864

    Hi, I am excited to try Quicklook, however it is not working for me, yet. I am on W10 Pro,1903. Installed Quicklook from Microsoft store, verified it is running. Open File Explorer. Select a file (e.g. a pdf), then touch spacebar. Instead of a preview, the File Explorer tab just shifts to the Search Tools tab, and the space is entered as search query for File Explorer's search function. Hmmm. Uninstalled store version, went to your git repo and DL .msi stable. Same thing happens. What am I doing wrong?

    Thank you!

  39. 幻想与灰 幻想与灰

    同样的,我建议quicklook也可以隐藏关闭托盘图标,如果需要像检查更新,自启动,插件等这 些设置时,可以在预览窗口上点击鼠标右键进入。

    1. 文七 文七


      1. 文七 文七