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Locale Emulator is a tool similar to AppLocale and NTLEA, providing a simulation function that can make an application recognize your OS as in a language other than the real one. It is quite useful when you are trying to play country-specific games.


Fresh installation

  1. >> Download the executable from Github or from MEGA<<
  2. Extract all files into a SAFE place in your disk, because you will NOT be able to move these files after installation.
  3. Run LEInstaller.exe and choose one of:

    1. Install as current user: effect for current user only, does not require administrator privileges;
    2. Install for all users: the most reliable choice, require administrator privileges;
    3. Portable: necessary files have been extracted as LEInstaller.exe starts. Simply close the window.
  4. Now you will see “Locale Emulator” menu in the context menu when right-clicking on files.


  1. Download the executable from Github or from MEGA, extract and overwrite all files of the old version.
  2. Run LEInstaller.exe and click the correct “Install” button (the one you have chosen before). If you are not sure which one to choose, simply uninstall and install again (restart is not required during this process).


  1. Run LEInstaller.exe and click all not-grey “Uninstall” buttons.
  2. Reboot your computer and delete all Locale Emulator files.

System Requirement

Locale Emulator is compatible with the following systems, both 32 and 64-bit:

  • Windows 7 with Service Pack 1
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10

Locale Emulator supports 32-bit executables running on both 32-bit or 64-bit systems. For example, if you are using 64-bit WinRAR, you will not see the context menu on a RAR file unless you swapped 64-bit WinRAR with the 32-bit version.

Common installation problems

Google Chrome is blocking the download.

Please go to the “Downloads” page (chrome://downloads/) and select “Recover file”.

My antivirus software reports that LocaleEmulator.dll is a virus.

Make sure that you have downloaded the binary from the official website. You can ignore that warning if everything is okay.


Locale Emulator 是运行在 Windows 7/8/8.1/10 及以上系统下的一个软件,可以提供类似 NTLEA 和 AppLocale 的转区功能:即将系统区域设置(包括语言,时区,代码页等)虚拟为目标系统(例如日本区域)。乐观来讲,使用本工具加载运行的程序会把你的系统错认为所模拟的系统。这在运行很多限制地区发行的程序(例如 Galgame 或网游)时十分有用,免去了手动切换区域之苦。



  1. >> 从 GithubMEGA 下载最新版本。 <<
  2. 把下载来的文件解压到一个安全的目录,注意在安装 Locale Emulator 以后此目录将无法移动。
  3. 运行LEInstaller.exe并选择一种安装方式:

    1. 为当前用户安装 / Install as current user:只对当前用于有效,不需要管理员权限;
    2. 为所有用户安装 / Install for all users:对本机所有用户有效,需要管理员权限;
    3. 绿色版 / Portable:Locale Emulator运行所需的文件在运行 LEInstaller.exe 的时候已经准备好了,关闭此窗口即可使用。
  4. 右键单击文件出现的菜单中已经出现 “Locale Emulator” 选项。


  1. GithubMEGA 下载最新版本,解压到旧版目录并覆盖所有旧版文件。
  2. 运行LEInstaller.exe并选择正确的 “安装 / Install” 按钮(即以前安装 Locale Emulator 时的按钮)。如果你不确定当时选了哪个,就把所有能点的 “卸载 / Uninstall” 按钮点一遍,然后再安装(此过程中不需重启)。


  1. 运行LEInstaller.exe并把所有能点的 “卸载 / Uninstall” 按钮点一遍。
  2. 重启计算机之后删除所有 Locale Emulator 相关的文件。


Locale Emulator 兼容 32 和 64 位的以下系统:

  • Windows 7 with Service Pack 1
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10

Locale Emulator 只支持 32 和 64 位系统下的 32 位程序。换句话说,如果你装了 64 位的 WinRAR,那么在 RAR 文件上是不会出现右键菜单的——除非你换用 32 位 WinRAR。


Google Chrome 阻止下载。

进入 Chrome 的 “下载” 页面 (chrome://downloads/) 并选择 “恢复文件”。

杀毒软件报 LocaleEmulator.dll 为病毒。

请确认 Locale Emulator 是从官网下载的。如果是,则可忽略此警告。