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This project is currently under heavy development. Come back often to see what’s new.


Quick Look is among the few features I missed from Mac OS X. It enables very quick preview of file by pressing Space key while highlighting it, without opening its associated application. Then I decide to add this feature to Windows by myself, which results this “QuickLook” project.

You may ask, why you write this when there several alternatives available on the Internet (e.g. WinQuickLook and Seer)? The answer is that, they are all among those which no longer actively developed, lack of support of file types and plugins, or asking user for amounts of $$$.



Download / General usage

  1. Download either installer or portable archive from GitHub Release(stable) or AppVeyor(unstable) page
  2. Run QuickLook.exe
  3. Select a file/folder on the Desktop / in a File Explorer window / in an Open- or Save-File dialog
  4. Press Spacebar
  5. Select another file/folder in the same manner
  6. When you’re done, click on the button, or press Spacebar again

Hotkeys and buttons

More Information

See the Wiki page.


See the Wiki page.



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